Celebrating 40 years in 2018

Ffotogallery has believed in the power of photography for 40 years

Throughout 2018 we celebrate reaching that milestone through a series of special exhibitions, projects and events. Some of these look back to 1978 and the development of the photography scene in Wales since then, others look forward to how the making and sharing of images will evolve in the next four decades. We also showcase the most exciting photographers and lens-based artists practising today, nationally and internationally.

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Video produced by Ian Smith, Auntie Margaret

Our ambition for 2018 is to create a world-class centre for photography in the heart of Cardiff

A truly 21st century centre rooted in its local context, offering creative opportunity for people from all walks of life, whilst being outwardly focused and global in its reach and impact. We are seeking a site in Cardiff to develop a new home for Ffotogallery, including a creative studio offering space and production facilities for local artists and designers.

Upcoming exhibitions & projects

2018 begins with Cardiff-based artist Dawn Woolley’s exhibition Consumed: Stilled Lives at Turner House, and Ffotogallery Presents… at The Gate, Roath, featuring work produced by Ffotogallery students over the past 18 months. We launch Ffotoview, a monthly showcase of Wales-based artists and Platform, an online project to help emerging photographers gain wider exposure.

New website launching in April 2018

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